Breaking away from the traditional values due to the tragic consequences of the WWI, some intellectual and artistic avant-garde movements appeared in Europe. 


The Surrealism was built in opposition to the Academism of the 19th Century, as a continuity of the European group Dada. However, while Dada looked for anarchy, Surrealism enhanced the artistic creation. In 1922, the separation occurred between the two movements. 


Georges Hugnet is the first historian of Dada's group. In 1924, he started publishing articles in art magazines such as Cahiers d’Art and Minotaure. Due to these publications, André Breton noticed and offered him to be part of the Surrealist group in 1932. 


As Hugnet explained in Le Bulletin du Musée d’Art Moderne in October 1936, « after the anarchic experience of Dada, André Breton pledge allegiance to the dream, absurd, incongruous, madness, in one word, everything except reality ». 


At the beginning, Surrealism had literary origins and explored the uncontrolled language. 

In 1934, Oscar Dominguez joined the Surrealist group and then developed the transfer printing technic « without object » and « without a premeditated interpretation ». 


Transfer printing became a way of producing an imaginary world, a dream or a nightmare. 


Galerie Angle is pleased to present this artwork which highlights the transfer printing « without object". Hugnet has exalted this technic by expressing an « inner landscape ». The artist shows the power of instinct, the dream as a source of creation.  


The viewer immerses himself in a fantasy world. Black ink and white paper have constructed a world far from reality. 


Fingers prints on the corners of the paper do give an historical aspect at the artwork. The spectator becomes a witness of the search for finding a way out of the reality. The artist flees in a dream, a « poetical absolute » to avoid the unbearable real world. 


In 1939, Hugnet will be excluded from the Surrealist group. Unremittingly, he will continued his technical experimentations for graphic beauty such as transfer printing, collages, newspaper fragments and photographs. 



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Copyright Galerie Angle 2017​


​Man Ray, Georges Hugnet's portrait, original photograph, 1934. Repr. in Pérégrinations de Georges Hugnet, Centre Georges Pompidou, 1978, p. 13.


Copyright Galerie Angle 2017​

Copyright Galerie Angle 2017​

Georges Hugnet 1906-1974)

Surrealist landscape

Transfer printing, ink on paper

Monogram lower right

France, circa 1938​


Provenance: private collection, Switzerland