Sergio Cecchi was an Italian painter, born in Venice. He discovered the Italian masterpieces at a very early age. Since then, he never stopped painting. After the World War I, the venetian foundation Bevilacqua-La-Masa offered him a permanent studio. 


On his way to the USA, he stopped in Switzerland and finally established his atelier in Geneva. At the beginning, he was well-known for depicting Swiss landscapes and Geneva views. Fascinated by colours, he made his own pigments with fish glue and egg yolks. 


In the early 1970’s, he participated to the renovation of the Choulex church located near Geneva. He then decided to visit the Easter Island with the photographer Roger d’Ivernois, his friend.


When he returned to Switzerland, a radical break occurred in his art. He exhibited his artworks at an exhibition in Geneva in 1973 where the public was shocked in front of these monumental and dramatic Compositions as he entitled them. His paintings turned out to be more spiritual, dark and mysterious. Cecchi started to enhance his artworks with deformed shapes, vivid colours and simplified movements reflecting more his feelings than reality. A religious atmosphere where the painter could wander in. 


The Galerie Angle highlights this period of Cecchi’s creation in presenting The Damned. The damned souls, naked and tortured, seems to beg for mercy, forgiveness. To amplify this infernal atmosphere, the painter shows voluptuous bodies and wrinkled faces side by side. As a Memento Mori, Sergio Cecchi make a reference to the spectator’s own weaknesses. 


In 1983, he won the Composition Prize at the Azuréenne Painting Biennial in South of France. Few years after, he died having proved as he said that « painting is only an excuse to represent in a spiritual way, love ». 


1 Extract of the newspaper Tribune de Genève, author P.K, September 1981, archives BAA Geneva



Sergio Cecchi (1921-1987)

The Damned 

Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 133 x 90 cm 

Switzerland, circa 1975

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